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Spider Bite Photos

White Tail spider


Lot's of things have been written regarding the bite of this species of spider. They are still a bit of a mystery. We have seen 1st hand what can happen and are in no doubt that every endeavour must be taken so attacks like this can be minimised. Imagine a baby in a cot being attacked.

The victim was unaware that she had been bitten and only noticed something wrong when her leg was itchy after getting out of bed. When she touched the spot, she noticed it was slightly swollen and put it down to a mosquito bite. Within a couple of hours the swelling increased and a large blister developed over the next 24 hours. Straight off to the doctor who expressed the view that a White Tail spider could have been the culprit. The doctor cut the blister and and noted that the toxins had caused the nerve to cease operating. The leg in that area was numb. There was no sensation in the area around the wound. The doctor told her if the redness traveled further up her leg to head for the hospital.

The next day a second blister developed approximately one inch from the 1st blister which by now had redeveloped and was full of a jelly type liquid. Again the doctor scraped the wounds clean and re-applied an antiseptic cream. That is the present position as this article is published on the Internet. Three days later a white tail spider was discovered in the home close to where the bites occurred


Some bite that one !!


Horrible painful mess


Two days later a second bite appears. It must have had two bites.


The doctor lanced the bites and placed a cream on them. Some six months later the wound had not healed properly.




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